Programs, Sub-Programs and Projects

What we Do

A rescue centre for vulnerable teenage mothers in need of care and protection that offers shelter,
nutrition, security, safety, healthcare and psychosocial support. Through this project, we have rescued
at least 189 teenage mothers and their babies.

The first ever boarding school for teenage mothers that admits both mother and baby. In the school, we have
a daycare centre equipped to hold the babies while their mothers attend lessons. We have
facilitated school reentry for at least 288 out-of-school teenage mothers.

A program that facilitates access to justice for children who have undergone sexual abuse through facilitat- ing their appearance in court and access to pro-bono legal services.
We have assisted 12 survivors access justice

A community sensitization program on sexual abuse targeting adolescents living with mental and
physical disabilities. Through this program, we have reached over 600 adolescents, their guardians, teachers
and caregivers with messaging on the triple threat of Gender-Based Violence, Adolescent Pregnancies
and new HIV infections.

We have reached out to at least 15,000 adolescents, young men and women in primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions in Kenya and sensitized them on the triple threat.

The PROPEL projects aims at promoting the economic and social inclusion of marginalized small scale farmers in rural Kenya through promoting access to water for domestic and irrigation use and access to fair markets for their produce.